I am interested in exploring how order and beauty relate to peace of mind, through my art.  This interest comes out of a need to organize and measure with care, tenderness & vulnerably my own life.

 I’m interested in how much can be seen when almost nothing is there.

Quest for stability in a world of movement and change is something I aim to address thru photography, drawing, paper weaving and painting. I’m engaged in the dialogue between these mediums and how they enhance each other and can express the same sentiments in totally different ways, yet through a consistent way of seeing. I often feel that everything is loud, big and coming at me quickly, making me feel fragile as if I could disappear.  I reference that feeling through all of these mediums, over the past 35 years of art making.

I see the cycle of the present slipping into the past and that fluidity as visually poetic; capturing moments that almost don’t exist.