Gathering Remnants

Feeling overwhelmed by disturbing events taking place in my life, I turned to my work. I have always been a hard worker, but I had never before approached my work as a refuge. I kept myself engaged in the calm and beauty of my well-established and sacred studio practice. Looking through the boundary of the picture frame, what Seymour Bernstein calls a “protected area”, I could see the problems I was experiencing in my own life with a better perspective. I photographed the objects that I live with, many of them old, (remnants, chipped cups), because I like things from the past and marvel at their imperfections and ability to survive. As those events have passed, I continue to work on this project out of interest in the meanings and possibilities of being a still life photographer. Sometimes situations causing stress can push an artist into a deep place within him or herself. This is what happened to me with this work and I was uplifted by the resulting creation.